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Custom Mouth Guards

Our Pickering dentists create custom mouth guards to help protect your teeth from damage during sports and sleep. 

What is a Mouth Guard?

Made by your dentist, a mouth guard is a custom-made tray that fits over your teeth. It can be worn during sports activities to protect your teeth from injury or trauma, or during sleep to protect them from the effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

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Mouth Guards For Sports

Mouth guards are recommended for any sport where there's a chance that your face will come into contact with another person or object.

If you get hit in the mouth, it will absorb the impact more evenly and provide a barrier between your teeth and the soft tissue of your mouth. 

Mouth Guards For Sleep

If you grind or clench your teeth, a night guard will act as a barrier to help protect your teeth from damaging each other while you sleep.

If you have jaw pain, your night guard will help you from clenching and give you some pain relief.

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Custom Mouth Guards

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