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Children's Dental Services in Pickering

At Pickering Smiles, our dentists help get children off to a good oral health start with a range of treatments tailored to their dental health needs.

Children Dental Services | Pickering Smiles

Caring For Your Kids

At our Pickering dental clinic, we provide comprehensive dental care for children. We will strive to help your kids feel comfortable and safe, and we will go at their pace during each appointment.

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Positive Early Dental Experiences

Positive early dental experiences for children are one of the keys to life-long oral health. These early visits help ensure that kids will feel good about visiting the dentist and taking care of their teeth as they grow up.

From the minute they enter our dental office, our team will strive to help your kids feel at ease, whatever their age. We want them to enjoy seeing us as much as we enjoy seeing them.

Once our admin team has welcomed you and your child, you can relax and wait for your appointment in our waiting room. We have lots of fun books and toys in our children's play area.

When your child is seated in the dentist's chair, the dentist and hygienist will talk to them about their dental health in kid-friendly language and answer any questions they may have about their appointment or their dental health.

Children Dental Services | Pickering Smiles

Treatment Options For Children

Cleanings & Checkups

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are important for children. Your dentist can monitor your child's growing smile to ensure that there are no problems developing.

Children should visit the dentist every six months to catch and treat any developing issues, and to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Monitoring Baby Teeth

Healthy baby teeth are essential for children's oral health and overall health. This first set of teeth allows children to chew and digest their food properly, ensuring they properly absorb the nutrients from their food. They also guide the adult teeth into the correct positions as they erupt.

Regular dental visits when your child is young will allow your dentist to help monitor and care for baby teeth until they are ready to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay by strengthening the tooth enamel.

Our Pickering Smiles dentists recommend fluoride treatment for children in certain cases to help keep their teeth strong and resistant to decay.  Learn More

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are clear plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars to prevent cavities.

Molars and premolars often have deep fissures that can be difficult for children to clean when they brush.

Sealants help seal off these fissures so that bacteria and plaque cannot build up inside them.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

During your child's dental appointments, your dentist will monitor their developing smile for signs of misalignment.

If a problem is caught in its earlier stages, early orthodontic intervention can sometimes prevent it from getting worse.

In turn, this may make more invasive orthodontic treatment when your child is older unnecessary.

Oral Hygiene Guidance

To ensure that each tooth is getting a proper cleaning at home, your dentist or hygienist will review proper brushing and flossing technique with your child during each appointment.

They may also make suggestions for supplementary hygiene aids, provide dietary advice, and more.

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